Values and Beliefs


We believe in making it easier for creative individuals, groups and businesses to find each other, so that together we can thrive in a community where the benefits and power of creative expression are celebrated, cultivated and compensated.

We are inclusive, supportive and respectful. We value every member’s contribution and we embrace challenge. We use all available tools, skills and technology to build bridges of communication, understanding and opportunity between individual and groups of people, and between people and organizations.

We connect members of the arts community to cultural industries, arts organizations, individuals, businesses, and with each other, for their mutual benefit.

Making Connections

The term ‘making connections’ speaks to the purpose of the society. In its most basic terms, ArtsCan was created as a platform for collaboration between local cultural industries, businesses, arts organizations and individuals to provide artists with easier access to the resources they need to publish, perform, exhibit and promote their art, and empower their creativity.

We do this by:

  • Developing and maintaining a searchable online directory;
  • Creating a variety of forums, online and in person, for members to build relationships and networks;
  • Offering advertising opportunities, in print and online; and
  • Facilitating information exchange and dissemination via the ArtsCan website and social media.