ArtsCan Origin Story

ArtsCan Resource Network was created as a direct result of the founder’s challenge in finding the people and resources needed for a small publishing project.

Read her story below…

It all began innocently enough: Mary Mikelson asked me to ghost write her memoir. Although I was terrified I was also excited so I agreed, and after a few months of interviews and writing, it was done. Mary loved it, and asked me to help her get her story published.

But there was one little problem.

Neither of us knew anything about publishing a book. We had no clue.

So, I turned to Google for answers!

Who, what, where, by when, and how much became my life. I googled publishers, editors, graphic designers, photographers, printers, and marketers. I had to learn about layout, art direction, and make decisions about paper quality, fonts and book cover design. And then there was the cost!

I wanted to stay local where I could, but local resources were not always available or competitive, so I had to expand my search. Months went by!

Finally, two years and thousands of dollars later, we had a book: Mind and Matter: Life with Arnold Mikelson.


My job complete, I decided to start working on that project I’d been thinking about for years – a jazz CD. After what I had just been through I told myself: This should be easy.

How wrong can you be?

It was the same thing all over again. Back to Google with similar but different questions. Now it was, where do I find a teacher, a sound studio, a sound engineer, a producer, musicians, backup singers, CD cover designers, and distributors? The research took forever and it was going to cost a fortune, so I’m still dreaming…

These experiences were frustrating and made me acutely aware of a HUGE problem.  Many of the people I encountered and ended up working with were based out of their home, didn’t have websites and they couldn’t afford to advertise online.  They worked in isolation and without support.

Without a personal connection, I would not have known they existed.

Clearly, we needed to be able to find one another. We needed to be able to locate and connect artists, businesses and local cultural industries and we needed to make it easy.

And so ArtsCan Resource Network was born.