ArtsCan is proud to sponsor

an October 2020 visual arts exhibit from two ArtsCan members.

Sarah Power and Leah Murray are emerging to exhibit for the first time since the pandemic started. The artists have embraced technology to facilitate their exhibit. While their art will be on display in the Arts Council of Surrey Gallery at the Newton Cultural Centre, you’ll be able to engage with them and see the show using Zoom and Social Media.

If you’d like to attend any possible in-person events or any of their live Zoom events, please register using the form below.


Sarah Power has been honing her art style and has found a medium she loves in her mixed media, resin-on-wood art. This evolution is taking her to new levels of professional quality and with this momentum she has become more prolific. Her latest works will be featured in this exhibit.

Through her exploration of the world, sensory inputs impel Leah Murray to capture moments in photos, digital artwork, words, and sound. Her poetry and images are carefully blended and refined using the components of STEAM to create beautiful montages that express her feelings on subjects in prints, books, and videos.


Please note that live visits are restricted to 5 socially distanced and masked visitors at one time, and that visitors must be registered to enter the gallery.

You can register for Virtual and Live visits with us using the form below.


On Saturday, October 24th for Culture Days, we will host the Muses Unlimited: Emergence Virtual Art Fair, with online demos from four ArtsCan members -
11:00am  |  Nancy Wright - Acrylics
12:00pm  | Gail Hall - Frottage
1:00pm  |  Leah Murray - Digital Arts
2:00pm  |  Sarah Power - Layered Resin

is the proud exhibitor