Digital Doorways
 An “Artists Forging Futures” Exhibition



Showcasing Art Forms Emerging Into the Digital Age

ArtsCan’s Digital Doorways Program Prototype is the first iteration of an educational series of workshops which invites artists to participate in developing and delivering a digital product related to their art project.   Artists from the literary, performance and visual disciplines were invited to submit proposals for the project they would like to complete.   They were then taught how to develop their digital project plan, and were paired with appropriate technology support personnel to help them execute the plan.

Five artists began the program and four completed their digital projects.   Those who completed their projects are Karen Kristjanson, Paddy Tennant, Bruce Kirk, and Linda Bickerton-Ross (not exhibiting).

Three of the four completed digital projects are exhibited here on the ArtsCan Resource Network web site.   Plans for public exhibition of the works during 2020 were shelved on account of COVID-19, so this digital virtual exhibit is, somewhat ironically, the only logical alternative.

Karen Kristjanson, Literary Arts 

Book Trailer Video for Co-Parenting From the Inside Out

Patricia Tennant, Graphic Arts

Promotional video for the FVGSS, where she is a volunteer

Bruce Kirk, Singer/Songwriter

“Edge of Forever”, DVD Compilation of Original Songs & Lyrics by Bruce Kirk

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