Board of Directors

President and Founder

Barbara Gould is a singer and published author. She was the Administrator for the Arts Council of Surrey, founder and mentor of the Youth Arts Council of Surrey, and a founding member of the Young People’s Opera Society of BC, for which she was Executive Director. She was named a Surrey Civic Treasure in 2009 and is currently a board member of the Royal Canadian Theatre Company.

Vice President

Leah Murray is a long-time technical projects manager, experienced in software development, systems quality assurance, hardware implementations, Internet development and technology implementations for startups. She is also a published author, poet, photographer and digital artist.


Leah Albrecht has an MBA and has worked in the technology sector since 1995. She has volunteered her time with numerous non-profits and has served on several boards of directors. Leah is a business technology coach, consultant and trainer. She creates websites and provides tech support for coaches, counsellors and other health & wellness practitioners.

Board Member

Paddy Tennant is an award-winning graphic designer and writer with 40 years’ experience in print, advertising and publishing. She has volunteered her time and professional skills to numerous non-profit societies over the last 30 years, and has served on five boards of directors.

Board Member

Pat Higinbotham