Hello ArtsCan Resource Network’s members and followers,

I am writing to let you know that even in the middle of this epidemic, your board has been hard at work establishing, re-envisioning and redefining our goals and objectives to make sure we can meet your needs – now, and in the face of a who-knows-when future.

Our membership directory, connecting the arts community and business, is now operational, so that you and new, emerging artists can find the resources you need to bring your talents and creations to wider audiences.

“What about Covid-19?” you may well ask. And that’s a good question, because this pandemic has changed just about everything. But in the case of ArtsCan, not so much.

With ArtsCan’s experience in digital training and programming, we have been able to work with local arts groups, individuals, and other arts organizations and businesses, on the presentation of new projects to live audiences via Zoom. They will continue until (and perhaps even after) the arts community is able to perform in front of live audiences again.

ArtsCan has a busy year ahead planned. We are working on a number of exciting projects that we hope will inspire you, and increase your skill set.

These include:

  • A Digital Storytelling project. This series of stories speaks to the experiences of Indigenous peoples and colonists in the Pacific Northwest. It will be presented online by members, for members and the general public. If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, look for our call to artists coming soon.
  • We are initiating Meet ‘n Greet events to connect members and provide learning opportunities. If you have suggestions or topics that you want to hear more about, please let us know.
  • We are collaborating on the production of a number of business workshops for members. These workshops will help you learn about the business of the arts.
  • To allow our members to get more opportunities to succeed, we are going to provide digital advertising opportunities to promote member events and programs.
  • The benefits of membership in ArtsCan are growing. Not only do you get a profile in our searchable database, we are also instituting member benefit packages and subscription services.
  • We are always interested in growing and making our community bigger and better with fantastic artists and the business that support them. Reach out if you want to collaborate and jointly benefit our communities. Let’s say you are a member of a moss artists society and you have joined ArtsCan. If you feel that the rest of the moss artist society would benefit we could collaborate to make both our communities better.

We are proactively searching for ways to increase benefits to our artists, business and communities.

We are excited to expand our current outreach, and being online has made travel time issues disappear.

Barbara Gould, President